"Can you really meditate without having to do any hard work?"

Yes, you can. And it's probably a lot easier than you think.

From: Trevor Johnson

Re: Guided meditations


If you had the option to get 5 pre-recorded guided meditations that you could use over and over again, would you do so?

How about if the only thing you needed to do was download them and listen to them whenever you wanted to?

If that sounds good, then check this out...

The Ultimate Meditation Kit

This isn't about a complicated system of learning how to meditate or anything fancy like that.

The kit has been designed to get you meditating fast...

With no long learning curve or complicated rituals.

At the heart of the kit are five pre-recorded guided meditations that you can download and use as often as you like.

A lot of people put them on their iPod or other MP3 device and play them whenever they need to relax or when they have a special purpose for meditating.

The first guided meditation is for general relaxation...

If you're like a lot of people, relaxing is something you've "un-learned" as you've got older...

When you were younger, relaxation was something that happened naturally.

But now you're older - and supposedly wiser - it seems that relaxation eludes you. Or that it only happens after you've had a glass or two or wine. Or maybe only for a couple of hours on a lazy Sunday.

Whatever the reason that you've forgotten to relax as often as you should, you can just pop on this guided relaxation meditation and just sit back and relax for 20 minutes.

Which means it's easy enough to find the time to relax - you haven't got to find an hour in your busy schedule, just 20 minutes, which even the busiest person can find time for.

Then let the guided meditation do all the hard work of getting you into a nicely relaxed state without any effort on your part.

The second guided meditation is for really deep relaxation...

Most of the time, the regular relaxation meditation works a treat.

But sometimes you need to really unwind - maybe you've had a particularly stressful day or maybe you just want to get into a totally relaxed state.

Whatever the reason, this advanced relaxation guided meditation will get you there.

It lasts for 20 minutes but it will seem as though you've been away from stress and strain for much longer.

So when you need to completely relax and unwind, this guided meditation is the one you should choose.

The third guided meditation is for attracting abundance into your life...

Whether we do it consciously or not, we're always attracting "stuff" into our lives.

Sometimes that's things we want and other times it seems like life is conspiring against us.

This guided meditation for attracting abundance will help you to do just that.

It's specially written to help you train your thoughts so that you bring abundance into your life.

It's slightly longer than the relaxation meditations - it plays for just under 25 minutes - but is still easy to fit into your day's routine.

So if you would like a more abundant life, this is definitely the guided meditation to play on a regular basis!

The fourth guided meditation is designed to enhance your creativity...

Creativeness uses different parts of your mind.

As a general rule, the right side of your brain handles the creative part of you.

This 21 minute guided meditation reaches those creative parts of your brain and helps you become more creative in whatever tasks you need that to happen with.

It works especially well if you've hit a creative block for whatever reason - it's almost as though your creative mind gets jump started after listening to this guided meditation!

The fifth guided meditation helps you connect with your higher self...

We all have a "higher self".

It goes by different names in different cultures but the result is the same.

Our higher self guides us through our lives and helps us to make the best of our time on this planet.

This guided meditation is the longest one - just under half an hour - because it gets you to go into a really deep meditative state.

The kind that makes connecting with your higher self as natural as possible.

Most people listen to this guided meditation occasionally.

Usually when they have something specific to ask their higher self.

Or if they need a second opinion about something.

Whatever the reason, it's well worth putting this guided meditation into your regular routine.

As well as the five guided meditations, there's also a comprehensive PDF report...

It's just over 60 pages in length and goes into all sorts of background information about meditation, which helps keep the analytical (left side) of your brain happy.

It also talks about some other easy meditation techniques you can use.

Sometimes you haven't got the spare time, even for a quick 20 minute listen.

In which case you may want to head straight to the section that deals with walking meditation (one of several different techniques covered in the report) because you can do that any place, any time.

All you need to do now is click the "buy" button at the end of this page.

You'll get immediate access to all five guided meditations as well as the 60 page report.

You can download everything and even transfer the guided meditations to your MP3 player if you want to.

So you can play these guided meditations as often as you like, whenever you need to use them.

You're fully covered by my guarantee: I'm sure you'll like these guided meditations but if at any time in the next 60 days you decide they're not for you, just let me know and I'll refund your money in full.

That said, I'm confident that you'll find these guided meditations useful and will use them for months and years to come.

Just click the "buy" button below and you'll be taken to my secure credit card processor. They also take Paypal if you prefer to pay that way.

All for a one-time charge of just $9.95...

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