Meditation Resources

  • Ultimate Minds - Creates Your Reality!
  • Meditation
    For all of your meditation needs - a complete guide on resources.
  • The Halls of Reiki:
    Extensive information on Reiki, as well as Reiki training and correspondence courses, a Book Store, a Hall of Music where you can find music for healing, meditation, and yoga, and hundreds of links.
  • Kofutu Meditation:
    Meditation, by definition, is the inducement of an altered state of consciousness and should never be done while operating a vehicle or machinery or in any situation where full conscious attention and focus must be maintained.
  • SpiritFind - A search engine for spiritual sites, includes sections on ascension, channeling, healing, meditation, psychics, and more.
  • Article Web Directory
    Categorized article directory including articles on meditation and self help.
  • Alternative Health & Spiritual News - Holistic Bulletin is a regularly updated news blog bringing you alternative health and spiritual news from around the world.
  • International Web Directory
    Categorized web directory covering self help and other subjects.
  • Free Meditations and Guided Meditations that will help you achieve a stress free mind.
    Learn how to meditate with our free but guided meditation that will help reduce the stress levels in your life. With our help you will be able to have a free mind of thought and peace of mind.
  • FindLite
    Internet directory and search engine.
  • Energy Healing Essential Oils & Blends by Earth Angel Oils
    We’re your number one source for pain & stress relief massage blends, aromatherapy cabinets and many more.
  • SurfGopher
    Internet search engine.
  • The Health Nexus
    Free articles and booklets on health related topics.
    You deserve it! Come and get it! Learn to live the yoga lifestyle of relaxation, meditation, exercise and spiritual attainment. Free Articles, Free eBooks and more.
  • Sedona Spiritual Vacations
    Offering transformative spiritual retreat packages in beautiful Sedona, AZ.
  • exrp Directory
    Human edited website directory.
  • Why Search Lite
    Internet Search Engine and handy resources for everyone
  • SoundMind Meditation Project
    Guided binaural brainwave therapy - SMMP uses the best of 21st century science to help you focus your mind on age-old meditation wisdom.